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Walking With Cheetahs

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Nomad tribe of Bushmen is on the hot Kalahari Desert – in the company of tame cheetah. Although by nature they are killers, these big cats is surprisingly easy to tame. Photos of animals taken in Wildlife Naankuse in Namibia. They were educated people, after their mother was shot dead by poachers five years ago. As a result, three cheetahs – a male and two females with joy rushing to their masters, the people of the tribe of Bushmen, on a daily three-hour walk through the desert.

Walking With Cheetahs1 Walking With Cheetahs

Walking With Cheetahs2 Walking With Cheetahs

Walking With Cheetahs3 Walking With Cheetahs

Walking With Cheetahs4 Walking With Cheetahs

Walking With Cheetahs5 Walking With Cheetahs

Walking With Cheetahs6 Walking With Cheetahs

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One Response to “Walking With Cheetahs”
  1. Helen says:

    Wow, cheetah are really much bigger than I thought. You rarely see pictures of them that close to a human to guage their actual size.

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