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Troubleshooting Dirty Aquariums

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After setting up a freshwater aquarium it’s now time to simply relax and watch your mini ecosystem thrive. Right… not entirely! Once you setup freshwater aquarium begins the true challenge of maintaining it. You’ve taken time in choosing the right combination of fish, plants and other elements to make a beautiful creation. But maintaining it at a pristine condition is a constant battle so you’d better start learning the necessities. Hen you start a fresh water aquarium, the real battle is in maintaining it!

So what happens when you find your supposedly little haven of relation slowly being engulfed in dirt and algae? You fight back and regain its former glory!

Don’t worry! Setting up a freshwater aquarium is easy, so does maintaining it – that is if you know what to do. You must first uncover the reason why your aquarium is dirty. But the most common cause is dirty water. As simple as diagnosing as such, the answer is likewise simple – just get a filter. This will solve your problem regarding dirt and discoloration. The filter will sift out the impurities in the water and it will maintain its relaxing mood. The only draw back here is that you have to change the filter every 3 to 4 weeks.

Another cause of aquarium problems is algae. These little nuisances can cause your aquarium to discolor and even affect the health of the plants and the fish in your tank. The best way to battle this predicament is to employ the help of algae eaters (Plecostomus). This is the best known protector against parasites in freshwater aquariums. So always keep in mind this mighty warrior when you start a fresh water aquarium.

Also, murky water may be the result of over feeding your fish. Always provide adequate amount of food in order to keep them healthy as well as keep your aquarium looking good. Another trick is to use distilled water or bottled water if you want your aquarium to be crystal-clear. It’s a little too much especially when the cost of distilled water or bottled water is a bit pricy. But for those really serious about how their freshwater aquarium looks, then this is a small price to pay.

Cleaning your aquarium at least every two weeks can help maintain a great looking setup. Remove all decorations, transfer fish and plants, and everything in it. Make sure to scrub the glass surface with a clean sponge to get rid of any stuck to it. Once you are done, setup your freshwater aquarium as if you’re starting all over again.


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