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Toxic And Ugly… Stone Fish

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One of the most toxic and also the ugliest of marine animals stone fish. She also called tuberculosis . This being only 15-20 centimeters in length, with an ugly big head, small eyes and large mouth with a jutting lower jaw. Naked, without scales, brownish-brown, sometimes with light spots and stripes, the body of the fish-stone covered mounds and warts, and a dorsal fin sticking out hard poisonous spines.

Stone Fish1 Toxic And Ugly... Stone Fish

If people come to fish, stone or accidentally touches her, she immediately plunge into a fin spines at the base of which are poisonous glands. Stone fish is  extremely dangerous. There are cases when people die in a few hours or even minutes after the injection of poisonous spines.

Stone Fish2 Toxic And Ugly... Stone Fish

Fish-stone found in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, the Pacific Islands and northern Australia, whose inhabitants call it warty vampire. People who are lucky enough to survive a shot often remain disabled, because its venom destroys erythrocytes and invades the central nervous system.

Stone Fish3 Toxic And Ugly... Stone Fish

Stone Fish4 Toxic And Ugly... Stone Fish

Stone Fish5 Toxic And Ugly... Stone Fish

Stone Fish6 Toxic And Ugly... Stone Fish

Stone Fish7 Toxic And Ugly... Stone Fish

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One Response to “Toxic And Ugly… Stone Fish”
  1. sonja says:

    Iv got stung by a stone fish 1 st of November 2011, in Mauritius. I feel that tourist should be warned about these dangerouse fish. Maybe special shoes.
    We went on a trip with a Cattamarang (Boat) to the “Cabriealla Island” A few boats stop there and leave the tourists to enjoy the corrals for a hour and a half. I have been in the shallow water for maybe 5 min when i felt the electric shock in my foot. Iv lost sight for a moment, called my husband and he carry me to the shore. We didnt knew what to do, the wound turned black and the pain got worse. He swim to the boats and told them what happend, by the time “help” arive me toes was black, my foot swolen and reds stripes run up to my thigh. A fisherman cut my foot and let it bleed I think got most of poison out he also prepare leaves and cover the wound with that. A speed boat was called and after a few hours the ambulance fetched me at the jetty at Grand Baie. The Dr inject Antidote and for the next 4 hours I was fighting for my life. My point: Tourist should be warned.

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