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Tips For Buying a Bird Breeding Cage

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If you are going to breed birds, it could be both a challenge and a very interesting endeavour. It will be a lot smoother for you, if you get a good bird breeding cage. To make your choice easier here are some tips.

It is much more difficult to breed birds than mammals because it needs a lot of care and work. Consider the idea of breeding cockatiels, canaries, or other birds carefully having this in mind. After all the pros and cons for choosing bird breeding and if you have made the decision to start, you will have to buy a breeding cage. It is larger than general cages and there is a pull-out divider in the center.After your birds get used to live together, you can convert the split cage into a single large cage.

Depending on what kind of bird you are going to breed, you should choose the size of breeder cage.For example, cockatoos require bigger room than tiny parrotlets. You have to be sure that there is enough space for your birds and that they will not get their heads trapped in the mesh. A breeding cage for a pair of cockatiels has to be wide and high at least eighteen inches and forty-eight inches long.

If you have a bird family also there has to be a nest box in the breeding cage,twelve inch by twelve inch in size,in order both parents and all the babies to fit properly. It is possible if there is not enough space that parents could pluck their babies. Maybe you should cut a space in which to hang the nest box,but be careful with wire-cutting. If you are not happy with this, choose a breeding cage with a precut opening with a sliding door.

If you have parrotlets, choose a breeding cage tall and deep twenty-four inches. All types of bird breeding pairs need enough room. A breeding cage for lovebirds should be thirteen inches long and fourteen inches high and deep. Depending on the size of the other birds, they will require breeding cages of varying sizes. It doesn’t matter if the cage is specially designed for breeding, but its size is very important.

Also be careful with mesh spacing or sharp edges, because they could be the reason your young birds to be hurt. Make sure that the perches are solidly mounted, without wobble. Do not buy zinc coated wire cages, because they are dangerous for the babies, which usually chew on their cage wires and it could be poisonous. Be sure that your cage is from stainless steel or powder coated wire, not galvanized mesh. You can purchase breeder cages in some pet stores, but often they have to be mail ordered, so you have to pay for the delivery and to go shopping around to find the best price.

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