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Top 10 Best Kind Of Pet Parrots

Parrots were represented for a long time favorite pet people. All of the Middle Ages and the famous captains of ships up to the present day in cages and in the free home version. Parrot is a common choice for a pet because they belong to the brightest line between pets and birds for long life. Some species of parrots can survive man. Especially because of his talent and that is an imitation of human speech and words.Here is a list of 10 parrots ideal pet.

1. African Grey Parrot:

This is said to be the most intelligent of all the parrot types. A large gray parrot with a red tail, some of these bird have vocabularies approaching 1,000 words or more.

2. Amazons Parrots:

This popular parrot type includes about 27 sub-types. Most are large, affectionate, and predominantly green.

3. Budgies Parrots:

Officially known as a parakeet or budgerigar, this parrot type is small and colorful. It is one of the most popular parrot pets.

4. Conures Parrots:

This parrot type seems to be a group of large parakeets. With long tails and strong beaks, these “clowns” come in a variety of colors.

5. Eclectus Parrots:

Eclectus Parrots are unusual in their coloring. On the one hand, males are bright green, with beaks like bright candy corn, tails and wings of blue or red. Females, on the other hand, have red heads, blue breasts, and the same red or blue wings and tails. In place of the candy corn look, they have black beaks.

6. Lovebirds Parrots:

Lovebirds are a small, stocky parrot type – among the smallest in the world. Many are green, sometimes with red faces or eye rings.

7. Macaws Parrots:

Native to South America, this is the largest parrot type in wingspan and length. The blue and gold macaw is especially beautiful.

8. Parrotlets Parrots:

These may look like parakeets at first glance, but this small parrot type has a broader body and tail than the parakeet.

9. Pionus Parrots:

There are many parrot types under the name Pionus parrot, and this larger, quieter parrot comes in many varieties of color.

10. Quakers Parrots:

This parrot type is often called a Monk Parrot or Grey-breasted Parakeet. It is a name that comes from facial feathering that resembles an old-fashioned Quaker costume.

Top 15 photos of the most interesting moments with the animals

We all went to the zoo, standing for hours with a camera to wait until one or another animal will come out from his house,as soon as it appeared all at once begin to frantically press the button the camera to capture the beast. But it is not always possible to make high-quality photos.These same pictures as the selection, all filmed in a very good time, apparently photographer was very patient.On this amazing photos we can see even children caught in shoot with very dangerous wild animals but in the right moment and that is amazing.

Top 10 best pics with pets on PC

This is hilarious, pet sitting at a computer, surf, watch pictures, listen to music .. Is that possible? Where does this happen? The answer is: wherever we have a pet and pc.PC are always in some way attracted pets or to sleep on them or to them curiously watch.On these images are recorded really unique moments that can never happen again. Enjoy this unique and rare images of our favorite pets, and if possible make sure your computers is an area that your curious pet can not reach. :)

The Top 3 Dog Grooming Tips

It is important to find the best dog grooming tips before you purchase your pet. This way you can be sure you purchase all the necessary supplies and know exactly what your pet needs from you on a daily basis. Really, grooming a dog is not that difficult, and simply requires a bit of tender loving care.

1. Bathing Your Dog: When bathing your dog, it is important to make him or her feel comfortable. Otherwise you will spend more time fighting your dog to stay in the water than actually getting it clean. It is a good idea to bathe your dog outside rather than inside, and have lots of big, fluffy towels close at hand.

2. Trimming Nails: When trimming your dog’s nails, it is important that you do not clip to the quick and injure your dog. There are special clippers for dogs found in pet stores. Alternatively, you can purchase a mechanical file that will allow you to trim your dog’s nails slowly and without worry. This is best done after the bath, when the water has softened the nail somewhat, and with your dog comfortably and calmly in your lap.

3. Brushing the Dog: You should have a few different brushes available for brushing out your dog’s fur. This is best done when the coat is clean yet dry. Bristle brushes are good for maintaining the coat and bringing it new shine. Make sure the brush is comfortable in your hand, and have your dog lay in your lap or next to you to keep it calm and comfortable. Following these dog grooming tips will ensure your dog is healthy and well cared for.

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