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How to Set Up a Fish Tank – 6 Steps to Succeeding

OK, you have decided you want to know how to set up a fish tank so that you can get started with your latest passion. You now know and understand that the hobby of keeping an aquarium can not only be a beautiful hobby but a very soothing one as well. Some experts even say that watching fish in an aquarium is very good for your health because of its calming values. The key is to learn how to set up a fish tank before you get too far ahead of yourself.

When you have decided that it is time to learn how to set up a fish tank the first thing you need to know is there are lists of things you are going to need to get started. Of course you are going to need the fish tank, next you will need a filter system, then a heating system and the right kind of gravel will also be needed, then water and a fish tank lid with a light in it. Another important thing you will need to consider is ornaments for the inside of your tank. This could be anything from driftwood, bought fake ornaments to live or plastic plants.

Below you will find six simple steps as to how to set up a fish tank. These steps are just to help you scratch the surface and you should be responsible enough to find the materials to get the exact information that will be needed. At least this will give you sort of a list of how the steps should be followed.

1. Before you learn how to set up a fish tank you will need to make some decisions. The biggest one of all will be what kind of fish you decide to keep. Different fish require different care. For example fresh water fish are totally different from salt water fish. While fresh water fish are easier to maintain, the salt water fish are much nicer to watch but harder to bring up. Studying your options here can be part of your homework.

2. Of course from your research and the list above you should know exactly what you need by now. It’s time to head over to your pet store and purchase the items that will be needed now that you have an idea on how to set up a fish tank. Just remember you have done your research so be careful as to what the people at the store try to up sell you to.

3. You are finally home and the time to set up the tank has arrived. Probably the most important decision you will make is where you will put the tank. You want it somewhere so it can be enjoyed by everyone and the coolest thing about a beautiful fish tank is that it can easily be worked into the decor of a home. The next thing you will be doing is adding the filter, along with the heater, gravel and finally the water. Now there are two more things to do in this step. The first will be to turn the heater to the appropriate temperature and get all the decorations placed inside. Finally you can put the lid on and walk away.

4. I know you are excited because you took the time to learn how to set up a fish tank but your patience is still required. You want to wait at least a week; two would be better before adding any fish to the aquarium. I know this sucks but really it is what you must do. This allows time for the temperature to be adjusted to exactly what you need, it allows you to find out if the filter is working and of course by this time you will also know if there are any leaks in the tank.

5. The time has finally come. You have waited so patiently but now you get to go out and get your fish. I would imagine by now you have an idea of what kind of fish to get. The biggest tip I could give you is to make sure you pick breeds that are going to get along with each other. Of course only buy an amount that’s suitable to the size of your tank. Be sure to pick fish that look healthy. Of course keep the price inside your budget as well. Most importantly choose fish that you are going to enjoy watching for a long time to come.

6. Now that you have done all your homework and you learned how to set up a fish tank there is still one more very important step. That step is to make sure you learn everything about maintenance. Make sure you feed the fish, check the filters and so forth and so forth. Preventative maintenance will go along ways towards keeping your fish alive a lot longer.

There, now you know how to set up a fish tank. Just remember it is of vital importance that you do all your homework before hand. Take the time to get your hands on all the proper information and take the time to learn it. There is nothing worse than coming down in the morning to enjoy your beautiful fish and finding one or more floating on the top.

I wanted to leave you with a few more tips before you get on your way.

You will be using electrical equipment after you learn how to set up a fish tank. For your own safety only use them as to what is recommended.

Keep your lid on the tank. It has 2 very important purposes. It keeps the fish from jumping out and it keeps the water from evaporating too fast.

Make sure you have sufficient ornaments for those fish that you buy which may be shy. This will help them live a much easier life, thus they will live longer.

So now that you have read this article you can move forward into the fine details as in how to set up a fish tank.

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