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Best Pictures Of Animals At The Right Time

We present our traditional photo galleries for the week about the life of our smaller brethren. Today you will see dogs, monkeys, cows and even a koala. For true lovers of animals is another wonderful treat in the form of heaps of interesting and some interesting pictures of the most beautiful animal in the world. Some of the beautiful images were created by accident and some may say beautiful set.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Dolphin Pictures

Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in seventeen genera. They vary in size from 1.2 m  and 40 kg , up to 9.5 m and 10 tonnes . They are found worldwide, mostly in the shallower seas of the continental shelves, and are carnivores, mostly eating fish and squid. The family Delphinidae is the largest in the Cetacean order, and relatively recent: dolphins evolved about ten million years ago, during the Miocene. Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals and their often friendly appearance and seemingly playful attitude have made them popular in human culture.