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Bald Parrot

The Bald Parrot or Orange-headed Parrot is a species of parrot in the family Psittacidae. It was formerly placed in the genus Pionopsitta, which is now monotypic. It is endemic to the east-central Amazon of Brazil. Its natural habitat is tropical moist lowland forests. It is considered near threatened by BirdLife International due to the widespread deforestation of the Amazon.This parrot was initially believed to be a juvenile of the Vulturine Parrot due to the orange coloration of its bald head as opposed to the black of the Vulturine.The Bald Parrot is a medium-small, overall green parrot with a bald, brownish-orange head. As several other members of the genus Pyrilia, it has red underwing coverts that barely are visible when perched, but highly conspicuous in flight.

Teaching a Parrot to Speak

Pet keeping is a hobby many are interested in. Yet, there are some animals such as dogs that entail much time out of a day to be walked. Then there are animals like guinea pigs that live so short that it is difficult to get tied to them. Parrots do not have any of these faults and therefore can make perfect pets.

These birds are known the world over for their fantastic colors. It is simple for someone to find one in his or her desired color. Some people could even color coordinate their living space with their bird. But, perhaps what causes most people to own such an animal is their congeniality and ability to speak.

So, how does one train a parrot in speech? If you buy a young bird that is best so they can be taught young. You will have to say words over and over to teach new words or phrases. It also helps to create a course of study for your friend to learn from.

There are many different activities one can use in order to educate a bird in the ways of human speech. Good activities should be fun and exciting not just for you but for your pet as well. If the learning sessions are interesting and enjoyable to you, the more you will do them. This means your pet will learn more quickly and most likely better as well.

There are other things you have to do for these birds that might be less fun. A healthy bird must be taken care of in order to remain that way. Therefore only feed your pet with food that parrots are able to eat. Next, you need to show care in grooming. You can give your pet a normal bath or use a special shampoo spray bottle. Lastly, remember to let your pet leave its cage. This is imperative because your bird needs the exercise and you need to clean its cage.

Easy maintenance can be done by you but someday you might need a veterinarian. Unfortunately, every Vet is not skilled in the care of these unique birds. You might have to search for a Vet that does. Therefore, do not wait until an emergency; already have one on call.

If you want fantastic pets that are easy to care for, pick parrots. They have very long lives. Be good to your friend and take care of it. That way you will be able to take pleasure in one another for a long time.

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The Best Way to Train a Parrot

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary for a pet, you can do a lot worse that a parrot. These wonderful and exotic creatures are very clever and training them is a lot of fun.

Always keep in mind that animals that are intelligent, like people, get bored very easily. Spend a lot of time with your parrot during training so that he comes to regard you as a friend. They have a long lifespan so putting in the effort at the beginning will make him a long time companion.

Here are a few hints for you to follow during the training of your parrot. Let your bird out of his cage and so the training in a small space that is also very quiet. This will make your parrot a lot more interested and receptive.

When you have selected your spot, get rid of anything that will distract your parrot from his training. So no TV or radio and turn off your cell phone.

Another thing to remember is that a parrot is like a small child, they have a very short attention span, so keep the sessions short.

Think carefully about the time of day you are training your bird too, don’t expect him to fit in with your schedule as it just won’t happen. A perfect time for training is after they’ve been fed as they will be very content and attentive.

As when training any animal, make sure that you heap the praise on your bird when he does well. Even if you feel that the session didn’t go that well, don’t let it show as they are also very intuitive and will pick up on your mood. This will make him withdrawn and ultimately a lot harder to train.

Not everyone can train a parrot successfully; it calls for long term patience and dedication. If you do manage to complete the training, the rewards will be obvious in the fact you have a wonderful pet and friend.

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