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The Top 3 Dog Grooming Tips

It is important to find the best dog grooming tips before you purchase your pet. This way you can be sure you purchase all the necessary supplies and know exactly what your pet needs from you on a daily basis. Really, grooming a dog is not that difficult, and simply requires a bit of tender loving care.

1. Bathing Your Dog: When bathing your dog, it is important to make him or her feel comfortable. Otherwise you will spend more time fighting your dog to stay in the water than actually getting it clean. It is a good idea to bathe your dog outside rather than inside, and have lots of big, fluffy towels close at hand.

2. Trimming Nails: When trimming your dog’s nails, it is important that you do not clip to the quick and injure your dog. There are special clippers for dogs found in pet stores. Alternatively, you can purchase a mechanical file that will allow you to trim your dog’s nails slowly and without worry. This is best done after the bath, when the water has softened the nail somewhat, and with your dog comfortably and calmly in your lap.

3. Brushing the Dog: You should have a few different brushes available for brushing out your dog’s fur. This is best done when the coat is clean yet dry. Bristle brushes are good for maintaining the coat and bringing it new shine. Make sure the brush is comfortable in your hand, and have your dog lay in your lap or next to you to keep it calm and comfortable. Following these dog grooming tips will ensure your dog is healthy and well cared for.

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