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Wildlife Through The Lens

Nature photographers eyes, the animals through the lens of professional cameras. Amazing footage, rare moments, unusual “model”. For such pictures photographers have to spend hours lying in the snow or standing up to his neck in dirty water. But the shot is worth it. The best pictures in 2008 according to Windland Smith Rice International Awards.

Penguin In A Diving Suit

In the world of animals … When I read such news “out from behind a hill, my soul torn by two emotions: the sadness and joy. Sadness that, alas, sometimes people in our country are worse off “their” animals and there is some reason can do different costumes, prosthetic devices for animals, and we have, even for people it is a luxury. I remember the epic last year, the code on the Black Sea sank tankers, how they killed birds and other animals, so what? Expensed and all … and now bald Penguin and what care ..

Most Beautiful Rabbit Breeds

Pet rabbits kept indoors are referred to as house rabbits. House rabbits typically have an indoor pen or cage and a rabbit-safe place to run and exercise, such as an exercise pen, living room or family room. Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box and some can learn to come when called. Domestic rabbits that do not live indoors can also often serve as companions for their owners, typically living in an easily accessible hutch outside the home. Some pet rabbits live in outside hutches during the day for the benefit of fresh air and natural daylight and are brought inside at night.

Freedom For Penguins

South African Fund for conservation of coastal birds produced two groups of African penguins to freedom after the penguins were treated for poisoning by oil. Birds found in the area of the coast of Namibia, oiled, April 8. May 21, 1984 penguin have been released into the sea, and five days later, followed by followed by another group of 38 penguins. This release contains photos of the event, kept in the archives of the WWF.

Penguins go to the ocean on May 26 at the beach on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. South African Fund for conservation of coastal birds released a group of 38 penguins to freedom, to cure the birds poisoned by oil.

Penguins in the heart of care before their departure to the will on the beach in South Africa on May 21.

Penguins go to the ocean beach on May 26 at Bluberg oceane Cape Town, South Africa.

Woman sends penguins to the ocean on the beach Bluberg, South Africa, on May 21.

Penguin released to the ocean on May 21 after the treatment of poisoning by oil.

Penguins set free on a beach on the outskirts of Bluberg Cape Town, South Africa, May 26.

Penguins go to Ocean on May 21 after the Foundation for wild birds released them to freedom after treatment.

People take pictures of penguins who go to the water at the beach Bluberg, South Africa, May 21.

Penguins go to the ocean on May 26.

Penguin Group goes to the ocean. These birds are now free – Foundation for wild birds decided that is not dangerous to let them go free after treatment of poisoning by oil.

Penguins swim in the ocean on May 21 after the Foundation for the Preservation of wild birds released them to freedom off the coast of Cape Town.

Photo Galleries Of The Week: Animals

Here are the pictures of the animals’ lives for the past week.

Canadian goose shake themselves after swimming in a pond in Kansasville, Wisconsin, USA.

Swine race at the village show in Surrey 2010 at Stoke Park in Guildford, Surrey, England

The dog catches the frisbee in the European competitions dogs catching titles in Hungary.

Baby gorilla named lump hanging on her mother Momoko at Ueno Zoological Gardens in Tokyo

Two Siberian tiger in the zoo Nikolaev, Ukraine

A frog crosses the highway Egnatia to the north of Greece.

Fawn, straying from his mother, was rescued by kind people.

Battle of sheep on the Sudanese Festival Adu Dombey Garut, Bandung.

Monkey takes care of the head in a pet shop owner in Baghdad.