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How to Treat Your Old Cat

If a cat is treated well, he can live until 20 years or more. Well, this article will talk about some problems that can affect your cat and how to solve them. Keep reading…

Dehydration problem
Old cats are poor drinker, that’s why they are more prone to dehydration. Dehydration in old cats can be also caused by hot water, stress and fatigue. Locating more bowels of water in your house is advisable.

Dental problem
Commonly found in old cats. You can prevent this dental problem by feeding your cat with food which is designed to keep the cat’s teen clean. You can also start to brush your cat’s teeth when he is still a kitten.

A process of over active thyroid gland which can lead to weight lost, excessive thirst, heart irregularities, and high blood pressure.

Litter box problem
Some dangerous diseases such as diabetes, loss of kidney function, and hyperthyroidism can affect your old cat and make him produce more urine.

Excessive meowing
It can be easily found in an old cat. Since he can’t hear his voice clearly, he will start meowing loudly.

Poor grooming
Due to some medical problems that can affect your cat, he will become lazy to groom himself. Bathing him weekly is advisable.

Loss of balance
When a cat loses his balance, it will affect his movement. Not just his movement, but also his sleeping quality.

How to treat your old cat:

a. It is advisable to bring your cat to the veterinarian.
b. Spend more time to play with him. Your cat needs a lot of exercise. It is also good to reduce stress in cats.
c. Don’t over feed him or your cat will get too fat.

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How to Stop Cat Scratching Outside His Scratching Post

There are some reasons why cats scratch something. As we all know, a cat scratches certain objects to sharpen his claws. But it is only the second reason. The main reason is, for communication. A cat wants other people to know where he is and what he does.

Cats (both males and female) leave unique scent when they scratch something. It may be also a kind of warning to another cat.

Train your cat to use scratching post

Put some scratching posts in the different area of your house, especially in area where cats like to play and rest. If needed, you can also make this stuff for him in home. Show him how to use the scratching post and give him reward when he scratches it.

Many cats like to scratch certain objects such as carpet and furniture. It’s hard to stop this behaviour. As explained above, cats leave their personal scent signature. Due to this reason, he will scratch the same object repeatedly.

How to stop cat scratching everywhere:

*Cover the damaged area with plastic or locate a scratching post near the damaged scratching area.
*Cats hate orange or lemon scent, so cover the damaged area with that scent.
*Take cat to the veterinarian if your cat still doesn’t stop scratching outside his scratching post.
*Never punish your cat. You can make his behaviour problem worse.
*Declawing should be the last step to stop this behaviour. However, it can be considered as amputation and can give harmful effect to your cat.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope this article is useful for you…

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