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Irresistible Pets … Little Cat And Rabbits

Look at this truly unique images that appear when you merge two completely different kinds of pets. Is it possible to like them when they take pictures in full size because they are probably from one another by the natural instinct of escape. This picture is possible only when these small and beautiful pets at a very early age.

This Ugly Creature Is Anything But Cat

The concept of ugliness is really a big word and thought. Ugliness of the world have tried many minds to define and there are still uncertainties about the word. Ugly people, ugly animals all that man could accept but to certain limits. :-) This wonder of nature greatly exceeds that limit. I uglier creature I saw in my life. This is the ugliest cat in the world. I do not know really which race belongs to and whether this can be described as a monster race. But there are people who own some flaws conceal a variety of natural wonders such as this one ugly cat. Personally, I’d be more afraid to wake up and see this creature next to my bed.

Cat Is Adopted And Accepted A Small Squirrel

Nature once again and yet again proved that miracles exist .. One more and the latest comes from the animal kingdom .. The main heroes of this story as a kind-hearted cat and an abandoned baby squirrel .. Yes you read it’s a wild squirrel that had found a good lady .. She brought it to her home acceptes which already has a baby and adopted her as their cub , and not only accepted but also feed and watch as own …

Dog And Cat Breeds With Geometry Different Eyes

Geometry- a different color in the color of the iris. Geometry, not just people, but our smaller brethren. Typically, while one eye is always blue. The most striking example geterohromii animals – dogs breed haski.

Animals Geometry distributed more than people

It usually leads to a blue color of one eye.

Blue eyes can be found in cats, especially in such breeds as the Turkish Van and Turkish Angora.

Such cats are called cross-eyed. These cats have a white or predominantly white coat, one normal eye (copper, orange, yellow, green) and one blue eye.

Among the dogs geometry common in the breed Siberian Husky.

Full geometry most common in horses with a piebald coat.

She also encountered among the cows and Asian buffalo.

Pie geometry common in dogs of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie.

Repels Many such a difference in eye color.

Many, on the contrary, attracts

In any case, it is quite unusual and attracts attention. If this is not photoshop, of course.