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Badass Smoking Crab

Animal lovers do not throw up because this is a classic example of abuse of innocent animals, this is not done intentionally, this is not setup this is the right thing crab gangster posing. In addition to bottles of beer with a cigar in the pliers enjoy the beautiful weather. Beware of other crabs because this is a dangerous character after his cigarette break, moving into action.

Badass Karate Monkey

Karate Monkey? It sounds impossible, where it exists, must be a joke. How is it possible that he knows karate? It is possible, patient master of karate in Japan with a few secret ingredients he was able to train the common chimpanzees to learn a few floors of this noble sport. Training a monkey to not know how exactly but it lasted, the moves are really true. After extensive training, and monkey trainer relax with Japanese food and an occasional beer.