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Learn More About Goldfish Anatomy

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Goldfish are the most popular of fish and probably one of the most beautiful pet fish. We all know how a fish looks like and most of us know the name of the body parts. It will be fun to learn more about the use of every part on the goldfishes body.

Are you ready? Here we go:

Dorsal Fin – this helps the goldfish have stability in water. Usually goldfish like Common or Comet have an upright dorsal fin. On the other hand, “Fancy” goldfish may have a longer dorsal fin or even without one. An example of long dorsal fin is the Veiltail variety, while goldfish like Ranchu and Lionhead do not have a dorsal fin.

Tail Fin(Caudal Fin) – This helps the fish swim forward in the water. Goldfish types are determined by the type of the tail fin. There are two types of tail fin: single tail (Common, Comet, Shubunkin) and double tail (all Fancy).

Gills – these help the goldfish breathe. They are located on both sides of the water and they extract the oxygen from water and into the blood.

Anal Fin – helps the fish swim upwards and it is located before the tail fin.

Pectoral Fins – these help the fin swim forward and backward in the tank. They are located behind and under the gills.

Pelvic Fins – fish use these for stability and steering. They are located on both sides of the fish, behind the pectoral fins and the anal fins.

Lateral Line – This helps locate movement in the water and avoid obstacles.

Eyes – these help the fish see. Most goldfish have a very strong visual acuity, but goldfish like the Moor, Bubble Eye, Telescope Eye or Celestial Eye have a limited eye sight. It is best not to have pointed objects in your aquarium or they might get hurt.

Mouth – it helps the goldfish to eat and take water

Wen – this is common to Oranda, Lionhead and Lionchu goldfish. This is the skin that grows on top of their head. It looks like a “hat” and it is very beautiful. It has a raspberry-like look.

There you have it. These are all the body parts of the goldfish. These are a most know for every goldfish owner and enthusiast.


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