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Exercise & Care Of Your Guinea Pig

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Indoor Exercise:
Your Guinea Pig will want to be in a safe area in your home, on tiles preferably. Or in a cage just for indoors for them – although it’s not required.

Outside Exercise:
In a grazing hutch is the safest way, it has the grass coming through the floor. You can make your own or buy them online or in pet shops. This is an awesome way to get your piggy some room to run around, & still give them the feeling of being safe.

Short haired Guinea Pigs only need a brush every now & then, and that’s mainly so you can get to know them better, its not really required.

Longer haired Guinea Pigs need regular daily brushing and combing. Gently untangle any knots in the fur and take out bits of dirt or hay. Then carefully comb through your pets coat.

Check your Guinea Pigs claws regularly to see if you need to trim them yourself with nail clippers, or have the Vet do this for you. Make sure someone is holding tightly & someone else is clipping gently. This is a sure way of getting them done more easily each time this is required.

Cleaning the Cage:
Everyday just see if it needs a little tidy up, some Pigs put their wee and droppings in one corner, which is easier to clean up.

Once a week clean the cage out completely removing old food, fruit and bedding – Everything! Re-line the cage with newspaper and hay.

Having a separate box to put your friend in whilst you’re doing this makes life a whole lot easier!

Source:  http://ezinearticles.com/?Exercise-and-Care-Of-Your-Guinea-Pig&id=3925138

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  1. Alfie Davies says:

    i always exercise at leat 3 times a week to develope fuller muscles and cut down on body fat`’*

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