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Dog’s Life in San Francisco

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The dog is biting only on the life of a dog … Apparently, these dogs do not know what a “dog’s life.” Pampered loving owners, salons and delicacies, these furry little dog could hardly complain about life. Look at the bohemian life of happy dogs in San Francisco.

Dogs Life1 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Julia Frink, walk their dogs, decided to ride out the storm with them in the boutique in the Marina District.

Dogs Life21 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Street actor rides along Fisherman’s Wharf on roller skates with his dogs in the park district, Marina.

Dogs Life3 Dogs Life in San Francisco

A dog with good manners is looking at passers-by, sitting in a cafe “Judith” with his hosts.

Dogs Life4 Dogs Life in San Francisco

A couple of dogs stopped to get the goodies in store optics – one of the many shops in the Marina District, offering treats for dogs.

Dogs Life5 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Every day – a dog day in a coffee shop on the street Pete Filmore Street in the Pacific Heights.

Dogs Life6 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Stylish poodle, it seems, fits perfectly into a luxury jewelry store Partition on chestnut street in Cow Hollow.

Dogs Life7 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Special organic biscuits diverge millions, says its producer Linda Gordon.

Dogs Life8 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Dogs waiting for their owners look out the window in the Fog City Dogs – high-class center for the care and care for dogs in Lombard Street.

Dogs Life9 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Golden Retriever charms photographer in the center to care for dogs. “I almost changed the profession and did not stay there” – says photographer Catherine Karnou.

Dogs Life10 Dogs Life in San Francisco

Dogs and their owners interact in a special shop and confectionary ‘Yappy Hour!’ on Union Street.

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  1. digits says:

    Beautiful life!

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