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Charming Rabbits

Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family classified as rabbits, including the European rabbit, cottontail rabbits,  and the Amami rabbit. There are many other species of rabbit, and these, along with pikas and hares, make up the order Lagomorpha. The male is called a buck and the female is a doe; a young rabbit is a kitten or kit.

Aquatic Flora And Fauna

Everglades, freshwater, saltwater shores of lakes or estuaries, as well as the inhabitants of these places from the magazine National Georgaphic you see in the news.

Canadian geese land on the water, despite the fact that the morning is pretty cool. Pools of fresh water are vitally necessary for these birds, which have suffered due to the destruction of wetlands and allowed hunting in the early twentieth century.

Egret. This fish imprinted on the photo heron missed almost immediately after it was taken. White Egret is found in almost all over the globe, but usually colo reservoirs, where she has many foods. Egrets are very dependent upon the inhabitants of ponds, swamps, streams and rivers, because they constitute their food.

Everglades Florida – Preserve Everglades. Everglades, also known under the name “Herbal River” occupy a territory of about 7800 square miles (20,100 square kilometers) of Florida, without giving the size of Massachusetts.

Hippopotamus. Hippo on the Zambezi River in South Africa. These huge mammals spend most of their time – kolo 16 hours a day – immersed in river water, which helps them to cool the body surface. Night “river horse” come to graze on the land.

Water lilies and small fish. Water lilies on long stems pulled out from under the water to the sun, and in their shadows live minnow. Water wetland Cuatro Clenegas Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico are replenished from underground sources, and therefore are very clean and fresh.

Eastern diamond rattlesnake. Eastern diamond rattlesnake is found in the roots of mangrove trees in the reserve Everglades in Florida. Feature of mangroves is that they are half-submerged in water

Box turtles from the Chihuahuan Desert. Box turtles from the Chihuahuan desert rests in the backwaters of the Laguna de los Burroughs from the blazing Mexican sun. This species is threatened with extinction. More than 80 percent of the time they spend in the water wetland Cuatro Klenegas in Mexico.

Water lily and dragonfly. Dragonfly around the water lily. Lily diameter of about three feet  is the natural reservoir of rain water, which attracts the insects in the park “Venetian Gardens in Florida.

Red salmon, sockeye salmon. This species of salmon live in the river Black-headed on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Remote Peninsula is the habitat for many rare species that are popular with local fishermen and brown bears. But holding the pipeline and oil drilling, as well as the dominance of poachers in Kamchatka ecosystem put in jeopardy.

Water lily and dragonfly. Dragonfly around the water lily. Lily diameter of about three feet (one meter) is the natural reservoir of rain water, which attracts the insects in the park “Venetian Gardens in Florida.

Salmon Clark. Salmon Clark, or bloody salmon, named for red spots under the jaw line, in a national park in Wyoming Yeloustoun. This species was described more Meriwether Lewis and William Clark found him in his journey to Montana in 1805.

White dolphin. White dolphin, in China, entitled “Baydzi” up to 2007 was considered extinct. And then, thanks to a chance of amateur video, it appears that this species still exists.

One Step Up To The Man

These portraits of primates – part of a project called “97% of people” whose purpose – highlight the “human” side of the orangutans, gorillas and baboons. The 264 known extant monkey species represent two of the three groupings of simian primates. Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent and, unlike apes, monkeys usually have tails.

Old London Zoo Black And White Pictures

Zoo is one of our favorite places to rest and relax from work and fast life .. In addition to enjoying the view of many exotic species of animals and very dangerous wild animal zoo is a real vacation for the eyes and other senses .. In view of the many exotic species, zoo tour includes many other activities .. but zoo gardens are not always look as modern today and people have found many strange ways of fun with animals today can act very strange and dangerous … look at these very old photos zoo in London which is still considered one of the largest in the world…

Weird Anti Animal Fur Guerilla Art

What happens when a team of street artists who oppose the fur trade, get their hands on discarded fur coats? .. It turns out a spectacular three-dimensional agitprop.Use the so-fur guessed the French-German art group Neozoon. The group began with simple silhouettes, but quickly began to explore possibilities and experiment with new “material. ” And admit that the result is much more impressive than “traditional” paintings on the walls.

Disabled Animals With Weird “Legs”

Many wild animals at least once in an accident, and exit or with some serious consequences … In this case, our pets that even today modern science could not help. But with a little imagination and not ordinary, but somewhat humorous black and placed several artificial aids that look really strange and weird.

February 20… Love Your Pet Day

February is a month of love. Valentine’s Day for humans, and of course Love Your Pet Day, on February 20 for our animal friends. We hope you showered your pet with love and treats this past Saturday in honor of Love Your Pet Day! In the coming days we’ll be debuting our full pet care line filled with many great products for your pet including pet toys, and pet clothing they are sure to love.

Unusual Art Drawing Animals On Feathers

We all know what all the feathers of the birds can use. It is a very useful material and has a great and general use in today’s modern lifestyle. general are well known and quite very expensive jacket or feather pillows and comforters stuffed with feathers. Using the pen in the art until now could only be associated with life span in which he played the role of today’s feather pens.Pen was used as fashion accessory. But now that our technologies with advanced new art was born. And they are drawing different learning types of animals and birds in the pen only.

Unusual Wood Shavings Art

This is the work of secondary school teachers . Sergei makes animals out of unusual material – wood shavings. All animals are made in full size .Work over bird took about six months. Seven thousand feathers made of cedar wood , and beak and claws of the dozens of layers of glue chips. The beak is made up of 150 very thin wooden blades. In the four years  with her son has gathered a considerable collection. Eagles, owls – large and tiny, squirrels … all animals have the exact anatomical correspondence, size and even weight. For the eagle, they say, offered half a lemon, but the sculptor refused.

13 Very Expensive Animals

There are a lot of people who really love animals. My love show and prove in many different ways. One way is the large number of pets the same type and the separation of large amounts of money for their daily comfort and life. Also there are people for whom money is not really anything, and love animals so much they are willing to do their prestige, or who knows what has already bought a very unusual, rare and expensive pets. The money these people make that amount of money can turn into money for the purchase of a small family car all the way to a luxury home or villa. Previo read what the animal is rarer and more expensive. Here are 13 very, very expensive pets.

1. Bengal cat. Price – $ 800 – $ 3,000

2.Snow Matsakue Price: $ 3,500

3.Squirrel Monke Price: $ 4,00

4.Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies Price: $ 4,000 – $ 5,000

5.Savannah Cat Price: $ 4,000 – $ 10,000

6.Mona Guenon Price: $ 6,000

7.Debrazzas Monke Price: $ 10,000

8.Striped Ball Python Price $ 10,000

9.Hyacinth Macaw Price: $ 6,500-12,000

10.Reticulated Albino Type II Tiger Python Price: $ 15,000

11.Lavender Albino Python Female Price: $ 20,000

12.Chimpanzee Price: $ 60,000 – $ 65,000

13.White Lion Kubs Price: $ 138,000