Birdcages – Shape and Size Matters

When choosing a cage, shapes and sizes absolutely matters. When it comes to size, there are many reasons why size makes a difference when choosing the right bird cage. Do you get a large parrot cage? Or do you get the small, cheap cages? Well this all depends on the bird of course. Why does this matter? Well if you were stuck in a room and was told to live there, would you want it to be the size of a porter potty? Or a living room? Well that solves it now doesn’t it? What I’m getting to is your bird will feel very uncomfortable in a cage where he/she does not have enough room in. Some cages are so small that certain birds have trouble turning around in. If you couldn’t turn around in the space you were living, that would be awful. Well it’s the same for birds. Some birds need large cages, and others need small cages!

Same goes for the shape of your cage. Birds like to feel safe and comfortable in their cages. Their are many different shapes you can choose from we’ll choosing a bird cage. You’ve got circles, squares, rectangles, octagons, hexagons, and much much more. From what I’ve learned over the years of having birds, they like having somewhere to feel enclosed, and safe. Circular cages are on the bottom of the list when it comes to this aspect of bird cages. After some studies, I’ve realized that birds feel much more comfortable when they have a corner of some sort to sit in, and have almost like a barrier around him/her. They enjoy squeezing into corners and hanging out. In a circular cage this is not an option for the birds. Which leads me to say that I would avoid circular cages when choosing your bird cage!