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Basics of Guinea Pig Breeding

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Pet owners have it easy when picking a guinea pig from a big group. When you adopt a guinea pig consider buying two so they will not be lonely (but having more than two can be a handful for many people). Just imagine what guinea pig breeders go through when they have lots of these at a time. Raising or breeding these animals takes a lot of responsibilities as well as skill. You can run into a lot of difficulty if you do not know how to handle these pets properly. No wonder why many people put their pets up for adoption when their numbers begin to rise.

It is prudent to first consider if there are any buyers for them. But desire to own one is not the only criteria for looking for responsible owners. Without proper care they can be a big problem. Many die simply because of poor care – don’t let them adopt a guinea pig and become part of the mortality statistics. Guinea pig breeders must also consider the potential home that will adopt them. Without ample love, care and attention, the can succumb to sickness and diseases – and that’s now what you want.

Breeding guinea pigs take a lot of effort so make sure you choose the right surrogates for your baby guinea. Picking a guinea pig from the store can be easy, but when you’re a breeder, choosing the right owner is even a tougher task. You don’t want all your effort and hard work to go to waste because of neglect. But more than the wasted time, it is the life of an unassuming creature that can be ruined.

When breeding, make sure the female guinea is at least 4 to 6 months old. Furthermore, make sure that you have ample space since it is a necessity in breeding. Allow 8 to 24 hours for mating and the cycle can be within a 16 day period.

It is important for breeders to read the behavior of the pets properly in order to breed them successfully. You can observe male ones and determine if they are ready to mate. Usually, males will lower their head when aroused. It will go towards the female and try to mate. The male will do a “mating dance” which is actually amusing to witness. If the female is attracted to the male, she will squeak as an indication of approval. However, if she is not attracted, she may simply ignore him or worse, bite him.

Gregory studied guinea pigs so you might gain knowledge and skills in caring for them. His book simplifies all the complexities of these lovable pets so that you can better understand it and act on it properly. Just like you, he wants a clean and healthy life for these adorable pets.


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