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Irresistible Pets … Little Cat And Rabbits

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Look at this truly unique images that appear when you merge two completely different kinds of pets. Is it possible to like them when they take pictures in full size because they are probably from one another by the natural instinct of escape. This picture is possible only when these small and beautiful pets at [...]

Our Pets In The Game With The Flowers

April 26, 2011 by  
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It is generally known that our favorite pets can not wait to rush out into nature .. The time to spend playing and chasing the floral parks and nature they spend in the apartment where the rule is always bored … Dogs and cats just love flowers and grass, look at this truly unique game [...]

Dance Of Wild Horses

April 25, 2011 by  
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The wild horse is a species of the genus Equus, which includes as subspecies the domesticated horse as well as the undomesticated Tarpan and Przewalski’s Horse. The Tarpan became extinct in the 19th century, and Przewalski’s Horse was saved from the brink of extinction and reintroduced successfully to the wild. The most likely ancestor of [...]

Tails, And Tails In Animal Kingdom

April 20, 2011 by  
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Tails of the animals did not want to anger their hosts. On the contrary, the tails are very useful and important role. Tails of the animals did not want to anger their hosts. On the contrary, the tails are very useful and important role. Scorpion’s tail is necessary as a weapon. Slonyata eagerly grab the [...]

Easter Bunny Symbol

April 19, 2011 by  
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Easter bunny by its very history is a symbol of happiness and joy, especially for young children because they always bring Easter eggs and sweets .. Look at this beautiful Easter bunny, just a little imagination, a pair of colorful Easter eggs, Easter candy and Easter can begin .. .

The Cutest Little Puppies

April 18, 2011 by  
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The dog is a domesticated form of the gray wolf, a member of the Canidae family of the order Carnivora. The term is used for both feral and pet varieties. The dog was the first animal to be domesticated, and has been the most widely kept working, hunting, and companion animal in human history. The [...]

Cats By Oliver Pietern

April 14, 2011 by  
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Looking at the work of German photographer Oliver Pietern understand that he was – a true professional in their field. After all, almost everyone knows that the young shoot, funny cats, cute rodent and charming ducklings – the win-win situation, as they touched anyone, even the most unfeeling man.

Young Pet Couples

April 12, 2011 by  
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The nature of our always be left speechless by its beauty and in particular such scenes and pictures of five young couples. The pleasure is doubled because they are full members of the same species. Not only have they allowed themselves beautiful in these pictures but they are also ideally placed in an environment that [...]

Cuddly Kittens in Backyard

April 10, 2011 by  
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Many people still do not believe that animals do not know the respective printed and have some basic emotions. Animals and that they have feelings and know very well that they express. See this amazing kitten knows how to enjoy nature and the society of the same species.

Irresistible Chow Chow

April 8, 2011 by  
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Chow chow is a breed of dog that was developed in China, where it is referred to as Songshi Quan , which literally means “puffy-lion dog”. The chow is a sturdily built dog, square in profile, with a broad skull and small, triangular, erect ears, rounded at the tips. The breed has a very dense [...]

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