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Caring For Your Dog

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Choosing to have a dog as part of your household/family is a life long commitment. It is a huge responsibility as a dog needs consistent care. Animals rely on you for everything such as, shelter, food, water, rules and most importantly, love. Basic Care Of Your Dog More than just “feed the dog daily”, having [...]

Irresistible Bengal Kittens

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The Bengal is a hybrid, resulting from the crossing of a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. The name Bengal doesn’t apply to the cat until the fourth generation, when they are considered to be the most stable and domesticated. Most pet Bengals are wild only in looks, not in personality. This breed is [...]

Birdcages – Shape and Size Matters

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When choosing a cage, shapes and sizes absolutely matters. When it comes to size, there are many reasons why size makes a difference when choosing the right bird cage. Do you get a large parrot cage? Or do you get the small, cheap cages? Well this all depends on the bird of course. Why does [...]